As a professor of Critical Thinking at Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, CA, my entire academic life I have been constantly receiving similar feedback on my observations and opinions, something along the line of, “I have not really thought of it that way before.” Jimmy’s intention is to develop critical thinking skills, look at things a different way and to question everything. I speak and write of all aspects of life, from Buddhism to twerking, from the spiritual to the profane, from meditation to pornography. It all makes for great conversation and analysis.

So sit back, read and/or listen, and question me as we learn in the tensions of life.



  1. (The Gay) Nicely done Professor! As I read your post my skin crawled and Melville came to mind…”We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.” (Herman Melville) It seems to me that there is far too much hypocrisy in this world. I always point out how so many outspoken Christians have no problem pointing the finger at this group of people while over looking their own defiance of their self proclaimed order. Two great examples: divorce and children before marriage. As I find myself falling into the trap of casting stones, I ground myself with those great thinkers. I cling to their words like some cling to their bible. … “The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.” (Socrates) Maybe some folks need a good dose of knowledge.

    • Heretic!!! There is no divorce or children before marriage in the church Shanagolden, did you not know that? How dare you! Thanks for assisting in my point. We are all who we are. The bible tells us “God hates divorce” -yet that does not seem to irk them too much. They would rather focus on a topic Jesus NEVER discussed. Sad.

  2. So since God hates divorces do you think it’s Ok to have disfunctional families, were parents are yelling at each other, threatening to physically harm each other in front of our kids, because marriage vows said until Death due us appart? A couple should work their marriage, when divorce is the last readout ever for safety reasons, what do you think God will say to does families, and I am a believer.

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